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Thank you to all of the people that supported our breeding program this year. Our young stallion "Karraba Park Traveller" has been very busy getting a large array of mares in foal. Travellers lovely temperament along with his great ASH type has seen mares joined to him from a broard section of the equine world. He was certainly on his tippy toes at times to get some big thoroughbred mares and Warmblood mares in foal but the resulting foals should be amazing riding horses and hopefully they will make a name for themselves in the hack ring. Some Quarter horse mares and ASH mares should produce some good competition horses for the show ring and campdraft arena. A couple of nice pony types will produce lovely riding ponies for their owners to continue winning at pony club and youth events.

Traveller left today with Casey Cambridge to do his last year showing and next year he will be full time campdrafting when not doing stud duties. I am still looking for a trainer rider for next year to take Traveller on his journey into the campdraft world.

Our Traveller filly Karraba Park Chorus is looking sensational and will be for sale to an experienced competition home. She is very quiet but very athletic and will suit a competition show home or campdraft. Both parents have multiple generations of Open Campdraft bloodlines. If anyone is interested let me know or if you know someone that would be interested please let them know. Not in a hurry to sell her as she is no problem to have around.

Karraba Park Dreamtime has sold to a great home and we look forward to seeing her excell for her new owner Jenni Phillips.

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